Industrial, Commercial & Institutional SOLUTIONS

Cascades Recovery+ understands commercial, industrial and institutional customers’ unique service needs and challenges. By allowing us to recover your discarded materials, you’re reducing your environmental footprint and improving your bottom line.

Retail / Grocer solutions

Easy and efficient solutions for a fast-paced retail environment. Cascades Recovery+ offers custom solutions which deliver cost savings, minimize floor space and meet sustainability goals while providing no disruption to your staff’s daily operations.

Municipal solutions

Cascades Recovery+ partners with municipalities to meet environmental obligations while moving towards a sustainable environment for residents and local businesses. We are experts in the design, build and management of municipal programs and facilities.

Graphic Industry SOLUTIONS

The graphics and printing sector produce a wide variety of discarded materials. Cascades Recovery+ provides custom and cost-effective recycling solutions to handle specific graphical and printing "waste".

Cascades uses 6 times OR 83% less water than the Canadian paper industry average. The same amount to fill 43,927 Olympic swimming pools