01 - Understanding your current waste management process

One thing we have learnt over the years is that the status quo must be challenged; your current program may be working but could it be better? Could it be wasting less and saving you more?

Our Cascades Recovery+ environmental consultants come into play to challenge the current program. Do you know the answers to the following questions about your current program?

  • What is being generated?
  • Where is it being generated?
  • How much is being generated?

Only once these questions are answered can you maximize your sustainability efforts. Our team answers these questions for you to eliminate key gaps in your current program, which will have significant impacts on overall waste costs and diversion.

02 - The recycling program sustainability benefit

We understand each added service has an overall impact on sustainability but also on your financials. We understand this and that’s why we show our partners the overall impact of any waste management program change and provide multiple options to ensure:

  • Your team has FULL Transparency on the overall impact to your facility or operation
  • Our partners have ALL the information to make the best decision
  • A realistic solution can be implemented with ease that meets your sustainability goals
  • Overall program cost savings and proper management of materials downstream

It is our responsibility to show you the positive impact the RIGHT recycling program will have on your business, facility or operation.


Our goal isn’t to create value by providing the best service, that's a given! Our value creation comes from all the additional support we offer such as:

  • On-site education events
  • Employee/tenant engagement sustainability programs
  • Custom signage and communication programs
  • Dedicated Marketing support team
  • Custom digital training material
  • Self-promotional materials to be recognized as a green company

Cascades Recovery+ is different because we seek to understand where you are today and concentrate on where we can bring you in the future. We distinguish ourselves by being committed and focused on increasing diversion and reducing waste costs through constant engagement and hands on support.

04 - One Point of Contact for ALL your Needs

Cascades Recovery+ is a one stop shop for all your recycling & waste management needs. When we partner with you it is to manage your entire recovery program so that you have:

  • One point of contact for anything related to your recycling program solution or services
  • One invoicing structure allowing for a transparent customer experience
  • Consistent and accurate waste diversion reporting and analysis

Our team is dedicated and ready to support your sustainability initiatives!

05 - Cascades Recovery+ Environmental Consultants

We understand the importance of providing transparent recycling solutions to our partners. Our industry leading sustainability consulting team are dedicated to maximizing client’s material resource recovery:

  • To conduct waste audits, facility assessments and provide all diversion reporting
  • Provides constant evaluation on program performance through the C.A.R.M.A Process
  • On-site education and training before, during and after program implementation
  • Full training program: lunch & learns - janitorial training - tenant education
  • Environmental Awareness events: Earth Day and waste reduction week
  • Industry analysis to ensure the best material recovery programs are in place

Our commitment to the success of your program allows us to reduce our partner’s resource and labour requirements. Your journey through the C.A.R.M.A process is supported by the experts!

06 - Waste Diversion Analytics & Reporting

Monthly diversion reports are made available to clients indicating the volumes of each material stream generated by a facility. This detailed report can be used to monitor the successes of the recycling program and includes:

  • Actual monthly volumes
  • Percentage of each material stream generated
  • Data comparison of collected volumes, past/present indicating progress made

The Cascades Recovery …PLUS® program has been implemented to businesses all over North America, and on average our partners witness a 10% increase in diversion with more that 40% cost savings on their recycling and waste disposal services.


Cascade Recovery provided us with customized equipment that was fully integrated with our waste extraction system that clearly defined our waste streams - a collaborative solution that brought us to a new level...


Recycling & waste diversion are becoming a greater priority for businesses. Find out how companies have realized the true value of an effective recycling program!