Customized recycling solutions

Graphics (Printing) Industry
Innovative ways to reduce the amount of discarded materials going to landfills

The graphics and printing sector produce a wide variety of unique material streams. Paper from a printing plant consists primarily of cutoffs, paper trimmed from sheets and rolls, paper left on roll cores and unfit or damaged product.

Cascades Recovery+ provides an economical solution to handle all materials being generated during the printing process. Our custom-built solution will take into consideration the equipment on site, space requirements and overall layout of the facility. Cascades Recovery+ is able to support with the installation of key pieces of equipment to help increase the efficiency of your process even further. Our team is ready to support and only click or call away!


  • Cost savings, flexible and reliable pick up service
  • 24/7 national call centre to ensure optimum customer service
  • Dedicated Account Sustainability Manager as a single point of contact
  • Customizable programs to fit your organization’s unique goals and challenges

Addressing your organization’s specific goals and challenges requires innovation and expertise. Our dedicated professionals set up your facility for success by investing time to develop unique recycling solutions, offering up-to-date knowledge of local disposal regulations and providing monthly reports and on-going training.

On average our partners experience an 70-90% overall diversion rate of materials from landfill; generating more than 40% reduction in their waste