Circular Thinking That starts with design…

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Sustainable packaging: Cascades is part of the SOLUTION

Imagine a system where you could manufacture your products and/or packaging from the very same materials you sold into the market. This is what Cascades is striving to create; an infrastructure that allows for optimal resource recovery and the ability to turn those resources back into products and packaging.

We have expertise in many aspects of the supply chain including sustainable packaging design and the collection infrastructure needed to support a products positive end of life. Let us use our expertise to help you design truly circular packaging solutions.

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Five steps C.A.R.M.A Process

Helping you:

  1. Minimize waste cost & increase diversion
  2. Understand the flow of discards
  3. Identify problematic materials adding to your “waste”
Make your problem our solution
Step 01
CARMA process 01


Review package/product in question and identify the benefits and obstacles your organization could be faced with – what does success look like?
Step 02
CARMA process 02


Gain a clear understanding of that package/products flow through the supply chain and identify where the break in circularity could be.
Step 03
CARMA process 03


Work with different aspects of the supply chain to rethink or redesign the package/ infrastructure so that Circularity can be achieved
Step 04
CARMA process 04


Once a solution has been identified, managing the change internally and with stake holders is key to success
Step 05
CARMA process 05


We will work within our systems to assure circularity of that product/package has been achieved.

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