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Sustainable Recovery solutions for residents, businesses & brand owners

Cascades Recovery+ has a breadth of knowledge within the municipal realm focused on both single stream and dual stream material processing programs. As a brand owner and packaging producer we also understand how to comply with stewardship programs and ensure your package has a positive end of life. Our programs are supported with detailed reporting, composition analysis and full transparency of the downstream process for all materials. Our goal is to help municipalities build programs that can collect the highest level of Paper products and packaging possible; supporting the development of a Circular Economy.


  • Material Composition Analysis & Auditing including Diversion reporting
  • Understand complexities of collection systems and work with brand owners to ensure their products and packaging are collected
  • Compliance of Government regulations & transparency into the downstream process of materials
  • Bridge the gap between product/package design and collection – positive end of life.

With our extensive experience in the recycling industry, Cascades Recovery+ works with municipalities and brand owners to reach their recovery goals. Through residential program evaluation, waste audits and constant monitoring of recyclable materials, we can ensure the largest amount of materials are diverted from landfill. Each step in the C.A.R.M.A. process will help YOU move closer to environmental sustainability.

On average our partners experience an 70-90% overall diversion rate of materials from landfill; generating more than 40% reduction in their waste