What makes Cascades Recovery+ so different?

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Unlike waste companies, we focus on "resource recovery, resource return"

We do not own landfills and we are not in the business of “waste management” we focus on Discarded Material Management.

What is Discarded Material Management (DMM)?

It’s a perspective change. It’s the ability to see all waste as a resource to the point you don’t see waste at all. All materials are discards and all discards have the ability to be collected, processed and returned as a resource in the supply chain. Referring to these materials as waste predetermines their destiny.

Shifting the mindset from “waste management” to Discarded Material Management will allow you to achieve the highest level of diversion since you are focused on recycling and not waste. It allows us to analyze products and packaging and ensure there is positive end of life design and challenge upstream producers where required. The 5 Step C.A.R.M.A process allows for us to understand what, where and how much is being discarded and the best way to collect those discards - reducing the financial impact of “waste” on your business.

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Five steps C.A.R.M.A Process

Helping you:

  1. Minimize waste cost & increase diversion
  2. Understand the flow of discards
  3. Identify problematic materials adding to your “waste”
Make your problem our solution
Step 01
CARMA process 01


Identify your organizational objectives and design a customized recycling solution
Step 02
CARMA process 02


A Facility assessment to identify and quantify all of your recoverable materials
Step 03
CARMA process 03


Customized Recovery ...PLUS® solution is generated from the facility assessment
Step 04
CARMA process 04


Manage your program to ensure all materials are properly sorted and collected
Step 05
CARMA process 05


Track and measure the progress of the program to optimize your waste diversion

Deliver the most sustainable solution Environmentally and financially

our solutions
our solutions
Everything we do is focused around impacting our partners, our planet and our prosperity.

Cascades Recovery …PLUS® solution has been implemented across Canada and the USA with great success.

  • Our partners witness on average a 10% increase in diversion on existing programs
  • An overall annual diversion rate of 70-90%
  • Over 40% reduction in overall waste to landfill

It becomes Circular!

When an organization partners with Cascades Recovery+ they have the assurance that their discards are turned into new products where possible. Many of the materials collected from your facility are Cascades raw materials to create new Cascades products such as tissue and packaging; contributing to a circular economy.

Everything we do is focused around impacting our partners, our planet and prosperity for the future.


Implementing the Recovery...PLUS program supports our sustainability goals and maximizing our diversion rate. Our diversion rate was just over 50%. Today, we are averaging a monthly diversion rate of 85%, steadily moving toward our goal of 90% diversion...

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Find out what separates CR+ from other “waste management companies” by understanding what
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