Toronto Fringe - GOING GREEN

Cascades Recovery+
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Fringe Toronto

I’ve been spending a lot of time envisioning what a greener festival for us looks like. I thought I’d call up one of my favourite people, the former Outreach Coordinator here: Kevin Matthew Wong. If you don’t know Kevin, he runs Broadleaf Theatre and takes being an environmentalist theatre creator seriously. We weren’t able to establish how long we’ve known each other, but I was able to learn and discuss ways that we can all be greener Fringers.

Ideas for Green Fringing
  • Recycle programs!
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it.
  • How are you dashing from venue from venue? Our festival is in July and the weather will be beautiful (fingers crossed). Hop on a bike or a Bikeshare, walk to your venue, take public transit. 
    If you’re driving, bring some friends along with you!
  • Reuse your program guide! We always run out and there is a fellow “Fringer” out there who wants one too. Keep one as a roadmap!

It’s great to work with a team where we’re moving to grow our festival to be greener and more environmentally responsible. We’re lucky to have Cascades Recovery+ onboard as a partner to make our city greener by offering their recycling program at the Fringe Patio.
We’ve also got Bike Share offering us a special Fringe discount for the duration of the festival and there’s ton of stations near venues so that you can hop on and off a bike. Personally, I’m excited to charge my phone while cycling. The only way to find out what I’m talking about is to come to the Fringe Patio on the weekends and see for yourselves.

Let’s all do our part to go green and work together to make Toronto Fringe a greener experience.

Article written by Karthy, Emerging Festival Producer at Fringe Toronto